Sherwin Williams

A mobile app to estimate paint costs for large projects for salespersons to show potential clients.


Marketing Website:
Date: February 2015
Role: UX Designer
Technologies: Adobe Photoshop

Sherwin Williams requested a mobile app to help assists with the sales of paint for large projects. You could put in the amount of paint needed and the type of project and it would come up with different costs estimates for different paint types.


Used stakeholder requirements and internal sales documents to design mockups and wireframes to present to clients. There were multiple meetings and iterations and the final result was a mobile app with a wizard UI function to walkthrough the different steps of paint estimation.


  • Meeting with clients to discuss their business needs.
  • Designing high-fidelity mockups in Photoshop that met the branding requirements for Sherwin Williams.
  • Creating icons, logos, and marketing material to promote the app and website.