CDC Surveillance Systems

A dashboard that tracks CDC data on diabetes and STD rates from state-to-state.


Websites: CDC Diabetes Surveillance System & CDC NCHHSTP STD Atlas
Date: March 2015 to March 2016
Role: UX Designer, UX Researcher, and Frontend Developer
Technologies:, Visual Studio, HTML, CSS, Axure, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash

Worked with different teams of developers, epidemiologist, and analyst to create dashboards that tracked CDC data on diabetes and STD rates from state-to-state in a user-friendly way that can be viewed and understood by the general public.

Every year states and local health departments gather information on the rates of STDS and chronic diseases like diabetes and that data is then submitted to the CDC for analysis. One of the roles of the CDC is to put this data out to the public to raise awareness at a local level.


Assisted various programs and teams within the CDC by designing and developing the UI for different web-based applications and conducting usability testing, business requirements, and research.


  • Creating high-fidelity mockups, logos, icons, and public awareness campaigns using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Axure.
  • Attending meetings and collaborating with stakeholders to gather requirements and plan for future application releases and features.
  • Creating wireframes and mockups based on user, developer, and stakeholder requirements.
  • Converting high-fidelity mockups to responsive HTML and CSS designs using the Bootstrap framework within applicatons.
  • Conducting usability testing, personas, and interviews to produce usability reports and presentations for clients.